National Lockdown January 2021 - FITZ Essential Emails [06.01.21]

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National Lockdown Jan 2021 – Email 4 – Fitzmaurice Primary School




Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you are all keeping well at this difficult time. Firstly, please be aware that FUNdays Club will be entirely closed on Fridays as a cost saving measure and therefore we will be running a very limited enquiry service on Fridays.


For this correspondence, we have tried to provide sub-headings so you can read the part relevant to your situation. We have also created an FAQ reply from the forms submitted yesterday at the end. We will follow up this rather long email of attachments, clarifying what we received on your personal form and which category below we believe you fall into to ensure we have an accurate record.

For those who submitted on the form:

“Booking to continue: all my children are able to attend and will do so as per my booking.”

As we have closed until further notice, this is not possible at this time. Your booking will be placed into a hold position unless we hear you would prefer to cancel – see holding and cancelling below.

We are working with school and are hopeful some Early Morning provision might be possible to start sometime next week. We will update you at the end of the week. After School Club provision is highly unlikely to re-open until more children return to school.


For those who submitted on the form:

“Temporarily change my booking: my children are able to attend but I have to change my booking as a result of the lockdown.”

This is not possible. Your booking will be placed into a hold position unless you inform us you would prefer to cancel – see below. All held bookings will revert their original state when we can welcome back more children to ensure those families who are holding spaces still have their space when they can return. Please see other options below.


For those who submitted on the form:

“Booking put on hold: my children are unable to attend and I am interested to hear more about this.”

We are waiving the one-month cancellation period and will move you into a holding position. This means that your booking is secure for when you choose to start using us again. Your booking is held in place. The hold fee will be applied to your booking from the 6th January until the end of the academic year or when government guidance allows you to return, whichever is earlier. The cost of holding your booking is £2.50 per day that your child is booked with us. We will be processing the changes on Wednesday 6th January and your new monthly cost will be shown on your account by Thursday 7th January. If you have any questions about the payment plans, please wait until they appear on your account. If you no longer wish to put your booking on hold and would prefer to cancel, please read cancellations below.

If you choose to cancel the holding position in the future at anytime, please inform us in writing by email. We will process the cancellation on the holding position going forward from the day we receive the email. If you have not received a confirmation email of cancellation, we will not have received your email and you will need to make contact.

For transparency, we should also let families know if at any time a family requests a retrospective refund of a holding fee, cancelling their place, we are legally unable to deny the request. However, we would ask that families make their decision now so that we can plan in response to the position given to us by families. Retrospective loss of income is problematic to manage and we would prefer to issue the cancellation now so we can effectively plan.


For those who submitted on the form:

“Cancel booking: please cancel all my places as soon as possible and provide a credit note. I understand that this will mean I will lose my space and will need to rebook in the future.”

You will need to check availability and re-book with us if you wish to use our service again in the future. This means that there might no longer be space when you choose to return. If you would prefer to hold your place after reading this information, please email as soon as possible to avoid losing your place and it being given to others. Please email:


FAQs – FUNdays Club at Fitzmaurice

“What is happening with ad-hoc one-off bookings?”

These will all be cancelled and credit notes issued before the end of the week.


“Can I adjust my booking later as we are trying to work out what we are doing!”

During this period, we will be unable to process change forms for after this temporary period until we know what the next stage of brining children back to school is as it might not be all families at the same time.


“I missed Email 1 / 2, what was it?”

Please see the email thread on our essential correspondence tab. Scroll down to see all the previous emails by clicking this link:


We would like to thank you for your support and wish you and your family all the best at this difficult time. Look after each other. Should you have any questions further, please do not hesitate to contact us on email. Please do check the two links above first!


Stay hopeful. Stay safe.


Best wishes,

The FUNdays Club Team


National Lockdown Jan 2021 – Email 3 - Fitzmaurice


Dear Parents and Carers,

It is with regret that we have to inform you that FUNdays Club at Fitzmaurice will be closing with immediate effect until the end of the week. We understand that this will put some of our families in a difficult situation but there is not the viability to run. This is not what any of us wanted. We will be working with Fitzmaurice Primary School on some creative solutions over the next three days to try and see if we can work in partnership to open some form of Wrap Around Care.

Until such time, we can only offer two solutions for Key Workers and Vulnerable children:

  • For Early Morning Club, please contact Westview Nursery via email: They will be checking their email out of hours today until late. They can offer a walking bus into school and school has agreed this temporary measure.
  • For After School Club, if you can organise for your child to be taken up to FUNdays Club at Christ Church, we will be able to accept them there (except for Fridays when it will be closed). As part of an informal childcare bubble, another household can support in this matter. School at this current time is unable to support the walking of children but this will be kept under review. If you would like to take us up on this offer, please email us at:

We hope to be able to offer some more positive news before the end of the week after further discussion with Fitzmaurice Primary School.

For those wishing to cancel or seeking to keep their place at FUNdays Club for when we re-open we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Stay hopeful. Stay safe.


The FUNdays Club Team


Email 2 - Lockdown January 2021

"URGENT - Essential Form for all families to complete before 11am"



Dear FUNdays Club Families,

Please can we ask again that all families complete our form before 11am today for our planning and response if you have not done so already. If you do not use our term-time services, please still complete the form as it is helpful for our planning of February Holiday Club as well.

Click the link: form link

Please ignore this email if you have completed our response form already and apologise for the second email when all our inboxes are probably overflowing.

Stay Hopeful. Stay Safe.

The FUNdays Club Team


Email 1 - Lockdown January 2021

"Essential Email 1 - National Lockdown January 2021 - FITZ"


Dear FUNdays Families,


You should have heard that Fitzmaurice Primary School will be closed tomorrow whilst they conduct their Key Worker survey. Please do not attend FUNdays Club tomorrow.


Please can we ask all families to complete our form (see link below) before 11am tomorrow rather than contacting us via email or phone for enquiries, questions, cancellations and so forth as a result of the PM’s announcement this evening. Please complete the form whether you can or cannot use the services as we will be using the form as a way of processing credit notes for those unable to use it. We will also use the form to respond and consider viability for staying open to Key Workers and Vulnerable children. Failure to complete the form might stop you from accessing a space if we do not have the required information.


Form link


This is a result of the PM’s announcement at 8pm this evening. With schools closing, we need to take swift action to identify viability for safe opening as much has changed since we closed during the March lockdown. We are here again where none of us wanted to be but this time we are hopeful we can stay open for those able to attend. Our summer club taught us how important it is to try and manage to stay open to support families, children and working parents for all sorts of different reasons.


Dare we say that old phrase, but really do Stay Safe. And perhaps we should be adding the phrase, Stay Hopeful.



The FUNdays Club Team