Essential changes to terms and conditions for Key Workers and Vulnerable Children - CCPS Essential Emails [UPDATED 05.02.21]

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Confirmed: essential changes to term and conditions of booking 2021 – Email 2 – Christ Church Primary School  [SENT TO OUR CCPS KEY WORKER AND VULNERABLE CHILD LIST ONLY]

Friday 05.02.21 at 4.30pm


Dear Parents and Carers,

We are happy to confirm that we have had enough responses to our survey to confirm that will be staying open after half term with the proposed changes to our timings and costs. Thank you to all those families who have completed the survey. Thank you for the kind words about our staff that so many of you submitted on survey. We have passed these on to staff.


The confirmed changes taking effect from Monday 22nd February (inclusive):

  • We will be removing the 5.15 to 5.45pm slot i.e. we will be closing at 5.15pm
  • We will be increasing the cost by 15%


If you have not completed the survey, please still do. It will inform us how to handle your booking in response to these changes: to complete survey click here


For those that have informed us that you will be changing your booking into a hold position or cancelling due to these changes, we will email you next week to seek personal, written confirmation so we can update your account accordingly. For those that informed us that you would continue your booking, we will update your accounts next week to reflect these changes.


We are now closed to enquiries until Monday but one-off bookings are available online through the booking system in the meantime. We hope you all have a great weekend.


Stay hopeful. Stay safe.


** A reminder email to complete our survey was sent on Friday morning at 8am.

** Individual follow-up emails sent Friday morning at 10.30am


Potential closure after half term - Feb 2021 – Email 1 – Christ Church Primary School



Tuesday 02.02.21

Dear Parents and Carers,


We would first like to thank everyone for their kind words and support for our staff at this difficult time. Up until now we have been working hard to keep the setting open with minimal change for the children and yourselves. We have been wanting to do our little bit to help so we have been running at a loss and unfortunately are not in a position to continue our service in its current form beyond half-term. We are determined not to close again and so this time we have a proposal to stay open.


In order to keep the service open, we would need to make the following changes (among other changes behind the scenes) to keep it viable after half term:

  • Remove the 5.15pm to 5.45pm booking slot due to low numbers i.e. close at 5.15pm
  • Temporarily increase the booking cost by 15% until more children are able to return to school


Please click the response form before Friday 5th February at 9am to provide your feedback so we can ascertain whether it is viable beyond half term: response form link.


Kind regards,

The FUNdays Club Team