June Opening Christ Church PART 2 [21.05.20 to 26.05.20]

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Email 5 (sent to those families who completed the questionnaire)



Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for completing our questionnaire. You are receiving this email due to the completion of the questionnaire, regardless of answers given. If you do not want to be a part of this temporary email list concerning return this coming term, please email me and I will remove you. 


Initially, from the questionnaire, it would appear that there are only enough interested families to make it feasible on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school. That said, we have over 150 emails with personalised responses across our services since we sent the questionnaire, which I intend to compile tomorrow. Therefore, this might make viability to run on more days possible. I will provide an update in due course via this email list created from the questionnaire. 


The next key date is June 1st when we will liaise with school. We will try to match up those families needing childcare into appropriate school bubbles as this is the next logistical challenge. 


Kind regards,

Mark West


FUNdays Club Ltd. | Managing Director 

Much more than child care




Email 4 (sent to all Christ Church families)




Dear Parents and Carers


Preparing to welcome children to FUNdays Club at Christ Church Primary School

As the local situation at Christ Church Primary School has become clearer, we are able to update parents and carers further. 



We still need parents and carers to have completed questionnaire number 1 by tomorrow so we can look at viability of running. This is the questionnaire that you use to tell us that you would like a space.


Opening Date

We now understand the situation at Christ Church Primary School and the challenges we face. Safety has to come first and with the resources available to us in this local context, the earliest we can open is Monday 29th June. This is based upon the current guidance provided to us. I know this will be frustrating for some of you.


Do I need to complete the questionnaire or email?

Please use the questionnaire to indicate if you want a space. Please do not email as we do not have the capacity to deal with email responses on this matter. If you do not want a space, you do not have to reply.

Spaces are only available to Key Workers and Vulnerable Children (all age groups), Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. 

Those with children in Year 2, 3, 4 or 5 who are not Key Workers or have Vulnerable Children do not need to complete the questionnaire or reply.



Places will be prioritised in the following order:

  1. Key Workers and Vulnerable Children -schoolmust have agreed this categorisation as before
  2. Reception
  3. Year 1
  4. Year 6


Number of Children

After discussion with school, we now know the maximum number of children we will be able to take is eight children in total. These children will need to be from the same bubble as the school day. School has advised that they might be able to reorganise some social bubbles to support this process in order to help families with childcare needs.


Confirmation and Viability Deadline

On Tuesday 26th May, we will inform families whether the questionnaire from this week makes our planned open viable. Once we have assured viability, we will be working with school on Monday 1st June to see if final changes to school 'social bubbles' can support more Key Workers and Vulnerable Children accessing childcare. We will confirm during week beginning 1st June whether a family has a place to start on Monday 24th June[SIC Monday 29th June]


I will endeavour to keep families up to date. We will be updating families on our Summer Holiday Club plans tomorrow.


Kind regards,

Mark West


Managing Director

FUNdays Club