Maths Home Challenge Sheet - Year 5 and 6

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Do you have a child in Year 5 or Year 6?

Are you trying to homeschool at the moment? If you’re slowly running out of ideas, we’ve got your next few maths sessions sorted.

Home challenge sheets are created by qualified teachers packed full of maths activities with a twist.


The twist? Your everyday household items.


If we’re having to be at home, we thought why not make the most of it? Maths is everywhere we look, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. These home challenge sheets not only point you in the right direction, but set out all the activities for your children to enjoy.

Doors, socks, windows, spaghetti, handles, lollypop sticks, pillows, shoes, spoons and more; they're all in there and they’re all maths. As all the days start to blur into one, let’s make tomorrow's maths lesson one they won’t forget!


This resource is from our Moving Matters service, Maths on the Move programme, provided by our group ( A way to get active, move and learn with maths for Years 5 and 6.